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Battle of Arrow

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Shoot the arrow and stay alive in this real-time PvP game!

Grab the reins then mount up your horse with a bow,
Enter the arena to duel against global gamers in this real-time PvP action game!

Battle of Arrow offers real-time PvP combat against global gamers
armed with a variety of bows, set armors, and mounts.
It is truly free-to-play, and there are various game modes including the Arena mode,
and the Campaign mode, and the Raid mode.

The gyroscope control delivering an immersive thrill is built that players have to focus
on aiming with tilting their device.
So do not be out to lunch no matter what you take the lead, you will be fallen from your
mount by the final arrow released from your opponent!


· Offer real-time PvP combat dueling against players worldwide.

· Experience the dynamic thrill of horseback archery PvP duels.

· Create a truly immersive experience with gyroscope control.

· Customize your combat style with various type of weapons, set armors, and skills.

· Team up with your friends to defeat massively powerful raid bosses.

· A friendly match that you can duel your friend full of fun at any time.