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Rushtank for Kakao

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    Casual RPG
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Solo or Together?~ A fresh new casual arcade RPG: Rushtank for Kakao

1. Defend your chariot from the army of minions by blasting them to smithereens!

- Hone your skills and feel the thrill and excitement of battling waves and waves of advancing monsters!

- Optimized for your mobile device, you can take the thrill anywhere!

2. Over 400 characters to choose from!

- Diverse range of styled characters are available!

- Meet each character who has a unique story to tell!

3. Tired of playing the game of chance?

- With the failsafe upgrade system you can rest assured in creating the perfect team!

- Use a combination of skills to stop monsters on their tracks!

4. Happiness is in the gift of giving and sharing!

- A revolutionary new trading system for a mobile game!

- Friend? Rivals? Advance together or compete with our social integration system!

5. Tired, busy or lazy? Enjoy our automated combat system!

- More than over 100 stages, ranked challenges, daily dungeons and exclusive content are available!