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  • Genre
    Turn-based Collection JRPG
  • Released
    August 11th, 2022
  • Region
    Global launching except for Korea, Japan, China
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Eroica Preview


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A tale of adventure traveling by train ‘Eroica’

Anime Style

Graphics that are true to the Japanese anime style loved by many.

2D like 3D type graphics that are beautiful and easy on the eye.

Eye candy graphics that only make the gameplay experience better!


Easy to navigate the world of Eroica.

Smooth story flow melted into the adventure which ultimately helps in offering the best JRPG experience on mobile.

Hop on the train the Eroica way and explore this unique fantasy world! Many fun and exciting twists and turns await!

Awesome Characters

Up to 60+ beautifully illustrated characters! Each with there unique background stories!

Fun to match the various characters to increase the team’s chemistry which ultimately affects

the story to the game! All Characters offer a different story line and choices that will keep you entertained!

Collect to Enjoy More

Team Chemistry plays a great part in this epic adventure.

The more characters you collect, the more options you have to create a better Team Chemistry!

Most importantly, it is just super fun to see and experience all the unique and beautifully illustrated characters!

Be the Author to your Story

Play a major role on the outcome of the story in Eroica.

Be the first to experience this exciting SF+Fantasy we like to call High Fantasy!

Your decisions, your story, your game, your Eroica!

Sit back and enjoy the movie quality cinematics that are in store for you!