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  • Genre
    Turn-based Collection JRPG
  • Released
    August 11th, 2022
  • Region
    Global launching except for Korea, Japan, China
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Eroica Preview


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More than just an adventure in search of fate and truth!
Heartfelt Collectible Anime RPG, Eroica

Sei is from another world who doesn’t even remember his past.

He has unrevealed power and some seek to seize it… Where is fate leading him?

Capturing Adventure

Breathtaking SF + Fantasy story through large-scale playfield

A remarkable adventure play by train that stimulates your curiosity with striking stories

Japanese Anime Style Graphics

Beautiful 2D animated skill cut-scenes fulfilling JRPG nostalgia

Immersive 3D cinematic visuals and gameplay

Fascinating Characters

Over 40 irresistible characters each with unique background stories and personalities

Charming anime illustrations embellished with incredible character voices

Gather your Dream Crew

Collect and build your own best team to increase the team’s chemistry and win against challenges

From Arkham to Goldentor crew members, collect your finest players throughout the journey

Strategic Combat based on Skills

Experience exhilarating fun through strategic RPG featuring Turn-based Combat System

Battle using diverse strategies based on hero’s skills and by collecting & combining heroes