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Sand Storm for Kakao

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Electrifying heart-pounding excitement! Real time mobile FPS, Sand Storm for Kakao

1. Quality on par with online FPS games!

- Simple controls optimized for mobile devices

- Adrenaline-pumping intense shooting action

2. First one-on-one real-time FPS Kakao game

- Don’t blink or you might die in the nerve-racking one-on-one shooting battle

- Defeat your opponent by evading fire and hitting your shots!

3. Find a unique mix of strategy and FPS elements in the Commander Dungeon

- Achieve victory through your shooting and strategic use of items!

- Assign 20 different skills and enhance them strategically to become the top commander!

4. Engaging scenarios

- Over 100 stages in the Counter Terrorist strategy scenario mode

- Save Captain Scofield from the terrorists and become a heroic military commander!