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Water Margin for Kakao

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    Action / Defense SNG
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You are invited to the Water Margin world!

1. Plunder other player’s villages!

- Attack other villages by leading your troops.

- Invading players are always watching for a chance to attack. Never let your guard down!

2. Build your own village. Fortify it or be destroyed!

- Protect your village from invading troops by building an impenetrable defense

- Make your enemies surrender through tactical deployment of weapons and structures

3. Train your troops to win the battle!

- Become unbeatable with your 10 different soldiers, each with different strategies and skills

4. Coordinate with your Kakao friends at critical moments to turn the tide of battle

- Invite your friends and get 300 diamonds as a reward!

- Form an alliance with your friends and other Kakao users to achieve victory!