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Mobile RPG Eroica Announced Hero Pick-Up Festival!

Jan 05, 2023

FourThirtyThree Inc., a publisher and mobile game developer has announced Eroica’s Hero Pick-Up Festival.

Adventurers can summon new heroes during the Pick-Up Festival, which runs until 1st December.

A new side story event is being added to Eroica called “Holy Night’s Gift Thief.” During the event, adventurers can earn rewards by completing achievements and stages.

Adventurers can also get a daily check-in bonus to celebrate Christmas early.

For Black Friday, exclusive game items will be released after maintenance on the 24th of November. Don’t miss this chance to get season-limited game items.

A new three-star hero Hildegard (Green, Slasher) has been added to the game, and adventurers are able to summon Hildegard during the Pick-Up Festival.

Adventurers can get Hildegard’s exclusive pre-core in the Mileage shop and Pre-core summon during the Festival.

Eroica is a turn-based 3D mobile RPG that offers over forty unique characters. As players board the train to Isekai (a different world), an exhilarating story unfolds.

Players will find field adventure puzzles, episode content that unravels deep stories, unique content that emphasizes strategic battles, turn-based battles, and hero quests.

Eroica is now available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.