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Boxing Star

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    Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam
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Become the Next Boxing Star!

1. Fight Your Way to the Top in Story Mode!

Go from the streets to sold-out arenas! Watch your fighter evolve from

being an amateur to a Boxing Star! Meet many characters

that will help you on your journey.

2. Find the Best Combination of Skill Sets and Gear that Fit Your Fighting Style!

Arm yourself with Gear, hone your Weaving Skills,

and knock’em out with a Mega Punch! Collect and equip powerful Gloves

that unlock vicious Mega punches! Customize your gear and skill

sets to match your fighting style!

3. Fight other players in the League and move up in Leagues and Rank!

Train and prepare your Character to take on fellow Players.

Earn Star Points to move up in Leagues and earn better Reward Packages.

4. Purchase and Show Off Your SWANK!

Win trophies and collect S-Coins to buy jaw-dropping Cribs,

slick Wheels, and a lit Entourage that will make your friends jealous, while also giving you bonuses!