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Eroica, a Turn-Based Anime Mobile RPG launches today

Aug 11, 2022

FourThirtyThree. Inc., a publisher and mobile-game developer, has announced that Eroica is now available in the App Store and on Google Play. 

Players worldwide (except Korea, Japan, and Mainland China) can now join the epic journey across the continent of Arrier.

Eroica is a turn-based 3D mobile RPG that offers over 40 unique characters. An exhilarating story unfolds as the player boards the train to Isekai (a different world).

Eroica is being developed by Funter Studio, a famous RPG development studio known for Epic Chronicle and Epic Hearts.

There are various field adventure puzzles, episode content that unravels deep stories, turn-based battles, unique content that emphasizes strategy battles, and hero quests.

And also hired a number of famous Japanese voice actors to help out, breathe new life into the game characters.

Eroica's Global opening Payback event was also announced today. Players who consume or purchase a certain amount of Pellets will refund generous pellets with an extra 1,000 pellets as a bonus. In addition, all players will also receive generous Pre-registration rewards through Google pre-registration Event.

Eroica is now available as a free download from the App Store or Google Play.